Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fun with FLOCK!

Our current, site specific, exhibition FLOCK is certainly an ever-changing exhibition! 

Lakes Collective members are invited to submit birds or tree creatures in a range of media to be exhibited outside to bring life to a dead tree near the Rydal Hall camp site. 

Last Saturday afternoon there was a huge crash and a woman ran into the Yurt saying: 'the tree's just fallen down!' Her husband had been pointing at it saying - 'look at that lovely tree', and as he pointed there was a huge creak and groan and it fell down!  

So site-manager, Martin, and LC organiser, Clare, got out the chainsaw and carved it up. Once they'd got rid of the dangerous branches, they clambered about over the extremely arty but much smaller remains and re-hung the birds. Wouldn't you know, but they look even better now than they did before, as they are much lower and easier to see and fill the tree all's well.  Martin was so pleased with it he organised Rydal's morning worship around it! Wonder if the theme was 'Resurrection'?

Amazingly, all the trauma didn't even scare away the glass birds, and all the sculptures are still intact, but that man could have a complex for life... It wasn't even windy!

Please come along and see Flock at Rydal Hall, Ambleside. It is on until the end of June 2014, and more birds are joining all the time.