Wednesday, 15 January 2014

LC Summer Showcase 2013

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The Lakes Collective 
Annual Summer Showcase 2013

Bishop Bulley Barn 
Rydal Hall 
Rydal ( nr. Ambleside in the Lake District)  
LA22 9LX 

Following our successful first Summer Showcase in 2012, this year we extended it over seven days as the punctuation point to Lakes Collective expanding the Rydal Sculpture Trail. This created an exciting opportunity for our members to experiment with site-specific outdoor work, and also exhibit in the beautiful interior of the Bishop Bulley Barn.

We had 7 new artists showing this year, including 3 more ceramicists and milliner Victoria Relph.  Several artists used it to launch a new range of their work, and ceramicist Jane Smith used it as her 'good-bye' show as she is moving to Cornwall after decades in the Lakes. Many of our members were exhibiting at more than one event that week, but were keen to exhibit their latest collections with Lakes Collective. 

Footfall was good, despite the dates clashing with some other busy arts and crafts events. A number of visitors travelled from a long distance specifically to visit the show, and feedback was that our publicity strategy of advertising, posters, online presence, and word-of-mouth was working well. By the end of the week the majority of visitors attending had come along due to recommendations from relatives, friends and neighbours who had enjoyed our event and the high quality of the work on display. 

Visitors included gallery owners and collectors, and some photographers who gave our event a great write up on their own art blog. All vistors seemed to enjoy our approach of being gently guided around the exhibition by an artist or designer maker whose work was on display, and who could answer questions about some of the other members' art. This added an extra bit of cache, and was also enjoyable and educational for the LC members who acted as guides. 
We hope that the reputation of the Lakes Collective Annual Summer Showcase will continue to grow as a place where latest collections, experimental work and special pieces by local artists and designer makers can be exhibited and bought.

The Bishop Bulley Barn has already been booked for next year's Summer Showcase at the slightly earlier dates of the first week in June 2014, and we will again be taking over the Sculpture Trail for the whole month of May. 

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