Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sculpture Trail 2013

Branch Library by paper artist Elizabeth Shorrock

Sculpture Trail at Rydal Hall

In June 2013 Lakes Collective contributed to the popular Sculpture Trail at Rydal Hall.  

From 1st -  30th June 2013, works of art by 12 Lakes Collective members were scattered throughout the grounds of Rydal Hall, Rydal, nr. Ambleside  LA22 9LX to add to the existing textile sculptures. Our members enjoyed the experience of stretching our knowledge and skills to create work that was suitable for the open outdoor context and all weathers. The extended Sculpture Trail proved very popular with the general public, and some of the sculptures have remained in situ and can still be viewed. 

Visitors could start off by dropping into the tea shop where there were information sheets on the various artists involved, and a map of where their artworks were sited. The Rydal Hall Heritage Gardens and tea shop is open each day during June from 10am-5pm.

Lakes Collective has been invited to contribute to the Rydal Scultpture Trail again in 2014, and we will also be creating a piece of site specific artwork around an ancient tree. 

Barn Owl by Victoria Relph